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Welcome to R & R Health, Beauty and Wellness.

A haven for the tired, weary, aching physical body of each and every individual; an office group practice that will definitely provide a 

relaxing feeling, with results that you as clients and we as providers would definitely have pride with modesty aside.

Our Vision



The main vision is to reach as many people, patients, clients as possible. Breathing in that day to day activities that makes us yearn for comfort, treatments in a very holistic natural way. 

Health care is for everybody, of all walks of life, age, gender, race, and creed. Life is already stressful as it is. We have been fortunate to give a valued service to the public and promote health, beauty and wellness, at a very reasonable price and best of which; the office itself as you walk in invites you to truly relax and refresh your day. 

Our Mission



Healing, Treatments, Service, Camaraderie, Relaxation, Refreshing, Rejuvenation, Revival and Blessings



We have a limited time throughout the day, with everything that we have planned; we usually put our bodies to work and not reward the aches, the heaviness, the stressed out physical nature that we have. R & R Health Beauty and Wellness, is conceived from the heart of service oriented individuals who made a prayer to bring forth, holistic natural approach to counter act the day to day stressful living we have, surrounded with a prestigious network of Doctors, Nurse, Therapists, Aestheticians, this group of extraordinary people made it possible to conceptualize and put into action an office dedicated to Relax & Refresh, anyone who needs physical care. 

To put an end to Pain; which is defined as an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience that can cause potential tissue damage. Debilitating injury or illness that results in persistent pain can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life.

It is the mission of our Medical Doctor and our wellness clinic to provide patients with the tools, treatments, and resources they need to live active, fulfilling, and pain-free lifestyles. With our unique approach of holistic methods, to pain management, you can feel confident that we will offer a personalized treatment plan that is specifically designed for your needs and expectations.

Integrated Pain Treatment

There are five basic modalities of pain management. While some practices specialize in only one or two of these modalities, we provide an integrative environment that combines the best of both holistic methods and Eastern and Western Medicine. Depending on the underlying cause of your pain, we may suggest that you undergo pain treatment utilizes any of the following approaches:

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Approach –      Motivational Interviewing and assessment
  • Rehabilitative Approach – Therapy by      In-House Chiropractors
  • Complementary and Alternative Approach      – Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
  • Interventional Approach –      Plasmapheresis 

Pharmacotherapy Approach – Prescription Natural/Herbal Regimen 

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